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Daily Bread

  • Matthew 4.18-22 Nov 30 2021

      18 As he walked by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon, who is called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the lake—for they were fishermen. 19 And he said to them, ‘Follow me, and I will make you fish for people.’ 20 Immediately they left their nets and followed him. 21 As he went from there, he saw two other brothers, James son of Zebedee and his brother John, in the boat with their father Zebedee, mending their nets, and he called them. 22 Immediately they left the boat and their father, and followed him.   Matthew 4.18-22 18 As he walked by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon, who is called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the lake—for they were fishermen. 19 And he said to them, ‘Follow me, and I will make you fish for people.’ 20 Immediately they left their nets and followed him. 21 As he went from there, he saw two other brothers, James son of Zebedee and his brother John, in the boat with their father Zebedee, mending their nets, and he called them. 22 Immediately they left the boat and their father, and followed him.  


  • Congratulations to F.6 Lai Pak Yiu on winning second pr... Nov 4 2021

    F.6 Lai Pak Yiu participated in the Mei Ho House Youth Hostel Writing Competition ( 2020-21) and  won the second prize of senior form group.    

  • The 44th Speech Day Oct 8 2021

    The forty-fourth Speech Day of S.K.H. Lui Ming Choi Secondary School was successfully held on 3rd July, 2021 with the presence of Mr. Lester G Huang, SBS, JP.  Other prominent guests included members of the Incorporated Management Committee.   After the procession of the official party into the school hall, the ceremony began with the National Anthem followed by the school song.  The School Chaplain, The Revd Christine Ho, led the congregation in an opening prayer, followed by the welcome speech delivered by the Supervisor and Chair of the Incorporated Management Committee, Dr. Jane Lee.   Then the Principal, Mrs. Julie Ma delivered the annual report.  To begin with, she highlighted that the academic year had been associated with terms like Google Quiz, Kahoot, Readtheory, Hangout Teams, Zoom, Meet. HBL, 9-day cycle, temperature checks, masks, sanitizers, Live streaming, F2F, on-line, and Hybrid.  All of these had become the new normal and essentials of learning, and all people around the world and Hong Kong have had to adjust to a new way of life, whether at work or studying at home.   With regards to the direction of the school, the focus has always been on learning.  Challenges were plenty but so were the opportunities for learning. Similar to all sectors, the school experienced disruptions, which demanded new decision-making skills but also invitations for a creative response and adjustment of plans among teachers and staff, reaffirming the essence and value of secondary school education. Students who had read extensively were the ones who had seen more and known more, thanks to the efforts of the school librarian and language teachers in the promotion of reading via online platforms, e-books, e-book fair, online reading talk, reading competitions, and reading KOL. Indeed, there was no better time for all to choose a growth mindset. Ultimately, it was the belief in students' efforts. Belief in students' potential and teachers’ potential and creativity and the belief in even better things YET to happen make LMC a school true to its name and motto: a cradle for Leadership, Motivation and Caring.   The school is truly blessed with a strong teaching and non-teaching staff. This year, while in-person school days were limited for both teaching and non-teaching staff, the school capitalized on the opportunity to step up work on hardware repair and build and reorganize rooms to meet student and staff needs. The school owes a lot to the teachers-in-charge and general office-in-charge for their collaborative efforts and their networking with the EDB and service providers. The major repairs, emergency repairs, and minor conversion projects have been on schedule. The school’s English Room has been relocated to Room 407. The wall adjacent to the library has been converted to movable partitions, allowing for more efficient and flexible use of learning space. A new Student Activity Room is set up on LG Floor offering space for self-study and activities and two new Interview Rooms are set up at the annex. A Counselling Room is set up for the second school Social Worker. A new active subwoofer has been installed to replace older ones for a far more reliable and better sound quality for dance practices. The Administration Unit on the First Floor has been renovated to meet school operational needs.  A few more projects are still in progress while others are on schedule.  Government resources and IT have made good things happen. The Quality Education Fund has financed the conversion of Room 206 into a STEM Laboratory.  Little Maker Class was first implemented this year for Form l. 35 notebooks with    advanced   specification have been purchased   to enhance   teaching   and meet   course needs. There is artificial intelligence and micro: bit.  Moment Balance and more. Project work has helped to strengthen students' abilities in STEM disciplines and develop their creative thinking, collaboration and problem-solving skills.   In addition, notebook computers and desktop computers have been provided to teachers to facilitate mobile teaching, e-Learning and HBL. Mobile tablets were lent to some needy students and used by teachers to create teaching videos and enhance online marking. Further, the school joined the Community Care Fund Assistance Programme to secure a subsidy for the school’s needy students to purchase mobile computer devices to facilitate the practice of e-Learning. A total of 137 students benefitted by receiving support through this programme.   In-house IT Training was provided for teachers and a website has been established to host latest teaching and learning resources. Three colleagues were invited to share their experience of using IT to meet students' learning      needs on one of the Staff Development Days. New live streaming hardware was used to conduct online Assemblies, Talks, Sharing Sessions, and Workshops for students and parents. It was the first time for the school to hold the Information Day virtually, which enabled prospective parents and students in primary schools to understand more about LMC.   Apart from this, this was the final year of      the school’s three-year school development plan.  The two Major Concerns might not be remembered but when online learning was taking place on an unprecedented scale this year, students' sense of responsibility, skills and strategies for learning everywhere and anywhere had been strengthened. Evidence shows that students' self-discipline, self-management and self-learning ability have all been improving as a result of the lack of opportunity to come back to school. If there was anything good emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps this was it.   To support students to learn from home effectively, teachers made tremendous efforts to connect with parents. Besides the HBL leaflet listing the do’s and don'ts, a Parents' Talk was organized virtually where the Myths and Facts of Procrastination were explored. ‘Love My Children' flyers were distributed on Parents' Day. Procrastination and Summer Learning Time: Use it or Lose it were the themes shared.   Students also won various reputable scholarships, awards, and prizes in Chinese, English, Science, Mathematics, Civic and National Education, and Debate and Leadership. The Lists of Internal and External Awards, as well as External Scholarships and Prizes for the school year are all listed in the Program Booklet. Students, who have done exceptionally well deserve our recognition and our celebration. Heartfelt thanks should also be given to our teachers for their dedicated guidance.   On a new dimension, both teachers and the Principal have been active learners and worked hard to bolster our understanding of political systems, democracy, China development and our country's diplomacy across the spectrum of a century by attending three talks delivered by two veteran intellectuals.  Mrs. Ma thanked Dr.  Lee for her advice and the arrangements for the talks. Staff valued the reflection inspired by the speakers so as to equip and position themselves professionally to be students' learning companions.   Respect has always been one of the school’s core values. To promote respect for others, a Talk on Inclusive Culture by Mr. Vivek Mahbubani was organized online. To promote respect for the law and our National Identity, National Day and National Constitution Day were celebrated. The school also invited a student to share her Winning Speech in the National Constitution Speech Contest via the online Assembly.   The school truly appreciates the work of our teachers-in-charge, who liaised and partnered with our PTA and AA, harnessing their resourcefulness to add to our provision to increase students' exposure and strengthen the sense of community of LMC. The Student Enhancement Fund(SEF) was promoted to all colleagues and students at the beginning of the school year. The latest applications are still being processed. A video was produced by our Alumni Association to boost the morale of our Form Six students.   All teachers, students and parents have engaged themselves actively in the church-school partnership service project.  During the online Alpha Gathering, around 60 Form 1 students enrolled and engaged in chats in a relaxing manner with fellowship leaders, teachers, and friends from St. Timothy’s Church.  Student fellowship continued online. For Form 2 students, four cell groups were formed with the support from the church. Biweekly gatherings were maintained at the church or online. Both fun and faith were shared.  Student leadership was evidenced in programs shared online at the Assembly, Gospel Week, and at Christmas and Easter. Mrs. Ma’s deep appreciation went to Revd. Ho and teachers who had gone the extra mile to promote Church-School Collaboration and Christian values. In terms of student leadership, the school has been equally grateful to our Guidance Prefects, Prefects, House Leaders, Students’ Council Leaders and all Ambassadors for their work and service. Teacher Advisors were thanked for their dedicated work and inspirational guidance.   The school’s enrolment numbers have remained steady as a reputable EMI school in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island. This February, online Interviews were conducted for Discretionary Places (DP) Stage for the Secondary School Places Allocation.  277 families attended them. Last July, we were pleased that the school’s HKDSE results were good.  Of the 115 Form 6 students who took the HKDSE in 2020, 97.4% of them received offers from various local and overseas tertiary institutions.   Mrs. Ma wished all Form 6 students the best of luck as they will be getting their results on July 21, 2021.   “Dear Graduates, you make us proud. Each and every one of you. Indeed, it’s been a most challenging 3-year public exam preparation. LMC will soon become your yesterday. Who knows what the future holds! But we do know that it belongs to you, young people.  As you walk on tomorrow, remember that with Jesus, all journeys are possible. With Jesus, all journeys lead us to God.”   During the pandemic, strategic support for students was provided by our teachers and specialist staff to connect and engage with students through guidance, discipline, and pastoral care.   “Dear Graduates, your next station is the University and the World. After LMC, when you find yourselves in doubt or lost, I urge you to recall what you have learned in your Life Education Lessons and Religious Education Lessons. The world keeps changing but the core values always hold true for the rest of your life.”   To round up her Annual Report, the Principal gave a special note of appreciation to the full team of teachers, non-teaching staff, and support staff.  She said that they had all worked professionally to maintain high standards through thick and thin.  They had always put students first, love LMC and make good things happen. Special congratulations were offered to teachers who were retiring and good wishes were given to teachers who were departing after this school year. They were all commended for being truly amazing people in their own unique, beautiful way.   Last but not least, congratulations were conveyed to all the parents of graduates. May the Lord bless and guide our graduates and their families in the days ahead. Remember LMC and LMC will always remember you. The class of 2020 was reminded that they owed their teachers a Graduation cum Thanksgiving Dinner while the school owed them a Reunion Gathering in the School Hall.   Mr. Huang, the Guest of Honour, gave an inspiring speech in which he told graduates “to do and be something more”.  He had the joy of attending a physical speech day ceremony amid the pandemic.  He told graduates that although they were saying goodbye to an important stage in their education, they were to embark upon another stage whether it be furthering their education or starting work. He emphasised the importance of the skill of how to learn more broadly, deeply and selectively as the world was evolving rapidly from all spheres. He recalled his undergraduate days in the early eighties compared with his postgraduate studies on education policy twenty years later which turned out to be an enlightening experience. He encouraged graduates to look into life skills and values which are beyond formal education programs including doing something more for their spiritual well-being, financial literacy skills, and values that go along with transactions in terms of purchasing, borrowing, spending, and saving.  The key values are honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and responsibility for themselves and their family.  Besides working hard for the rest of their lives, he told graduates to do something more for themselves, the community, city and country. These included volunteering, acts of kindness, taking care of one another, and being responsible, law-abiding and contributing members of Hong Kong.   He also advised graduates to do something more for the world and look seriously into global warming and the sustainability of resources. Every action that is taken has an impact on the environment, and we should aim for low carbon emission, a sustainable lifestyle, and use alternate resources. All these are concepts that are worth serious consideration and involve life-changing habits. Plastic, energy and water used are precious resources as these resources are limited, and therefore, they should be cherished (i.e. doing a little more wisely in small ways) in order to bring out a better world.  He wished all graduates well and asked God to bless all of them in their journey ahead.   This was followed by the presentation of certificates and prizes by both the Guest of Honour and SSB Managers. The Vote of Thanks was delivered by a Form 6 graduate, Chan Wing Ching. On behalf of all the F.6 graduates, she expressed her gratitude to the school, parents, teachers, and classmates for the time they had spent learning at LMC.   Thereafter, Dr. Lee presented a souvenir to the Guest of Honour. The Speech Day ended with a performance by the school’s handbell and handchime team and with a benediction by the School Chaplin, The Revd Christine Ho.       The Revd Christine Ho, the SSB Manager, led the Opening Prayer Student Brandon Tse read the Bible passage   Dr Jane Lee Ching Yee, SSB Manager & Supervisor, gave a Speech of Welcome Mrs. Julie Ma, the School Principal, delivered the Annual Report Mr. Lester G. Huang, our Guest of Honour, addressed the audience Mr. Lester G. Huang, our Guest of Honour, presented graduation certificates to Form 6 graduates Mr. So Kai Ming, SSB Manager, presented a prize   Ms. Cheung Hau Yi, SSB Manager, presented a prize Ms. Ng Chung Yan May, SSB Manager, presented a prize Thr Revd Kong Ho Kit Ying, SSB Manager, presented a prize Mr. Lee Wan Tang, SSB Manager, presented a prize   Dr. Yan Ting Kwan, Alternate SSB Manager, presented a prize Mr. Chan Tsz Chung, SSB Manager, presented a prize Mr. Lam Chun Hei, Alternate SSB Manager, presented prizes Mr. Yim Chun Ho, Alumni Manager, presented prizes Dr. Jane Lee Ching Yee presented prizes Chan Wing Ching Form 6 graduate representative, gave a Vote of Thanks Dr. Jane Lee Ching Yee presented a souvenir to Mr. Lester G. Huang Performance ‘Disney Medley’ by Handbell & Handchime Team The Revd Christine Ho, the SSB Manager, led the Lord’s Prayer & Benediction    

  • Our students have won many awards from the Health Information Student ... May 11 2021

    Our students have won many awards from the Health Information Student Ambassador Scheme   In order to promote healthy use of the Internet and to encourage teenagers to participate actively in community services, The Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration of the Hong Kong government has launched the Healthy Information Student Ambassadors Scheme, which aims to nurture independent thinking in young people, enhance their ability to judge objectionable materials, and help them foster a set of positive values and attitudes towards life. By taking part in voluntary work in the Scheme, participants can serve the community by helping to promote the message of safe and healthy Internet use.    The three participating students from our school won many awards in the Health Information Student Ambassador Program, and their results were encouraging.   F5 Or Hin Ting was the Champion of the graphic image design competition, F5 Lo On Lam won the Runner-Up in the logo design competition, and F5 Tang Chun Yan won the Merit Award in the graphic image design competition.   Because of his dedication and outstanding performance, the organizer selected Or Hin Ting as a student representative to share his learning experience in the recognition ceremony.   Thanks to the leadership and support of our school principal, the students achieved excellent results.    We hope that students will continue to promote healthy use of the Internet, deepen their understanding of laws governing obscene and indecent articles, participate in social services and self-learn to improve academic performance.    Trophy of Or Hin Ting   Or Hin Ting was the Champion of the graphic image design competition    Trophy of Tang Chun Yan   Tang Chun Yan won the Merit Award in the graphic image design competition   Trophy of Lo On Lam   Lo On Lam won the Runner-Up in the logo design competition  

  • Our students won the national award for the studying and speaking cons... Mar 16 2021

    Our students won the national award for the studying and speaking constitution activity   Hosted by the Ministry of Education, the participants of the Fifth National student studying and speaking the constitution activity are from national elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, secondary vocational schools, undergraduate or junior college students. The Hong Kong Education Bureau invited our school to participate in the individual speech contest on the invitation of the Ministry of Education.   Qiu Siwei, class 3L, won the third prize in the national finals of this competition. The result is encouraging.   Mr. Lam Chun Hei was honoured to receive the Excellent Instructor Award.  Thanks to the principal’s support and nomination.   Qiu Siwei and Mr. Lam Chun Hei attended the awards ceremony at the Education Bureau. It was our great honour that the officiating guest, Kevin Yeung, Secretary for Education, presented the award to us personally.   The Hong Kong Education Bureau hopes that Hong Kong students will continue to study hard, take the initiative to care about the country and social affairs in Hong Kong, and become knowledgeable, responsible, and good citizens with national concepts.       Qiu Siwei gave a speech at the award ceremony   Group photo of the Education Bureau   Sharing by Kevin Yeung, Secretary for Education   The Secretary for Education presents the award to Mr. Lam Chun Hei and Qiu Siwei   The Secretary for Education presents the award to Qiu Siwei    

  • S.K.H. Lui Ming Choi Secondary School Student & Alumni Visual Arts... Nov 26 2020

    To explore the artworks, click on any painting in the exhibition. The virtual exhibition is compatible with iPad and iPhone. You can take a 360-degree look at the gallery by clicking the arrow symbols at the bottom right corner. Visual Arts Promotion Video

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