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Daily Bread

  • Titus 2:1,7-8 Feb 7 2018

    1 But as for you, teach what is consistent with sound doctrine. 7 Show yourself in all respects a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, gravity, 8 and sound speech that cannot be censured; then any opponent will be put to shame, having nothing evil to say of us.  


  • 45th Anniversary Celebration, Keynote Speech and STEM B... Feb 6 2018

    On 5 January, 2018, we were honoured to have Ir. Lo Kok Keung to deliver the Keynote Speech, entitled ‘Scientific Forensics and Engineering’.    Ir. Lo has earned a reputation as "Hong Kong's detective Galileo" for solving tricky traffic and commercial disputes with his knowledge of physics and mechanics, vindicating many people who faced false accusations.    In his inspiring speech, he shared how he applied his knowledge for the good of society and sought justice for the underprivileged and the wrongfully accused.    Also, he presented a very thoughtful gift to our school, which was a STEM boat made by him.         After his speech, he conducted a STEM boat making workshop, during which 30 senior form students used aluminum cans, candles, straws etc. to make a boat.         

  • Inter-school STEM Modern Quiz Contest 2017-18 : Fall Semester Jan 22 2018

    Our students participated in the competition “Inter-school STEM Modern Quiz Contest 2017-18 : Fall Semester “organized by Modern Educational Research Society. The award list is shown below:   Overall Champion (Secondary School) The most active participation award (Secondary Schools in Hong Kong Island) Champion (Form 4 Section) Wong Wai Yan First runner up (Form 2 section)  Or Hin Ting Second runner up (Form 2 section)  Lo On Lam  

  • Dr. Tong Shiu Sing Dominic: ‘STEM lesson for All (Paper Aircraft)’ Jan 8 2018

    In order to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of our school, we ahad honorably to invite Dr. Tong Shiu Sing Dominic to deliver the workshop to the whole school entitled as ‘STEM lesson for All (Paper Aircraft)'. In this workshop, students learned science technology, engineering and mathematics underlying aircrafts and they had a chance to produce two kinds of airplanes by themselves for our 45th Anniversary celebration.       

  • Talent Cup -STEM Challenge 2017 – Mechanical Ping-Pong Hill-Climbing R... Jan 2 2018

    Our students participated in the “Talent Cup -STEM Challenge 2017 – Mechanical Ping-Pong Hill-Climbing Robot Competition” organized by Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association. The following students won the competition.   Third-Class Prize CHENG CHEUNG NGAI CHAN CHUN MING CHOI KING CHUNG KWOK TANG SING LEE CHAK LAM TSE CHI HIN WONG CHI CHEUNG YU KA HIN CHAN CHAK SANG CHAN WING CHUN CHENG LAM HOI LEUNG PAK HO TSUI KA KWING CHEUNG CHEUK LONG KWOK FUNG CHEUNG KA LUNG HO CHUN WAI SO YAN NOK TSANG CHEUK LING YIM CHUN HIM    

  • S.K.H. Lui Ming Choi Secondary School 40th Speech Day Sep 13 2017

    The fortieth Speech Day of S.K.H. Lui Ming Choi Secondary School was successfully held on 5th July, 2017 at the school hall, with the presence of Professor Way Kuo, President and University Distinguished Professor of City University of Hong Kong. Other prominent guests included members of the Incorporated Management Committee and Representatives of the 159th Hong Kong Scout Group. After the procession of the official party into the school hall, the ceremony began. Reverend Christine Ho, the School Chaplain led us in an opening prayer, followed by the speech of welcome delivered by the Supervisor and Chair of the Incorporated Management Committee, Dr. Jane Lee Ching Yee. The annual school report was then delivered by our Principal, Dr. Alice Cheung Shuk Yee, with the comment that our distinguished students and graduates excelled in academics, music, sports and other categories. She said that it was full of challenging experiences for both teaching and learning throughout the school year. In the domain of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Language Across Curriculum (LAC), they were integrated into our formal curriculum and collaboration between subject departments was developed. They were also integrated into the informal curriculum which engaged students in various related activities and competitions both inside and outside school. The result was positive and it would be polished and tried out again in the coming year. Our teachers were also actively engaged in the professional development to enhance the running of the STEM and LAC at the school. We had teams of teachers from the English, Mathematics and Integrated Science departments who went on teacher training courses at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to develop LAC curriculum in Integrated Science and Mathematics classes for the use of the school as well as for the sharing of other schools in Hong Kong. As for the informal curriculum, students were also engaged in a variety of activities this year. In-school workshops on sustainable Aquaponics System were organized for junior form students, visit to the Innotech 2016 and student presentations in STEM Education Conference-cum-Carnival and the setting up of STEM booths in primary schools in the neighbourhood were organized. Students were also engaged in different competitions such as the STEM Junior Science Master Creative Competition and STEM Talent Cup. Besides, students were nominated to join external activities to arouse the interest so as to stretch the potential in STEM. In-house workshops such as Forensic Science were introduced to senior secondary students. For the first time, a scholarship was secured for a student to join a 3-day pilot scheme in Thailand to learn more about aircraft maintenance as well as to attend a pilot training session in a flight simulator in Thai Airlines. These learning experiences aimed not only to enlarge students’ knowledge base and advance their application and creative thinking skills, but also build up their study and career aspirations. Besides, to stretch them even more, students were engaged in competitive science and Mathematics and Science competition (Chemistry), recognizing the outstanding achievements in being the top 2% high-achievers out of the thousands of contestants from over three hundred secondary schools. As far as in the domain of IT in Education, under the wifi-900 project commitment, the school had been adopting more and more e-learning devices in classes not only to help enrich students’ understanding but also to help teachers formatively assess the progress of students in class and to make adjustment to increase the effectiveness of learning. Students were pulled out to take external IT related courses. Some of them won several medals in the Hong Kong Informatics Olympiad. The Technology Education key learning area was also keen on enriching the curriculum. New extended learning activities were conducted for F.1-2 students during the post-assessment periods, such as sewing and baking. Regarding the domain of reading across curriculum, the new junior reading scheme continued to bring a good impact on students. They read a wider selection of books, building up positive values and habits and broadening their knowledge base. In the domain of values education, apart from morning prayers, teachers were invited to take turns to share in assemblies the experience on how the key values of the school ‘Be Inquisitive, Enterprising & Rational’ could be developed and lived out in one’s life. In the student development program, the overseas and mainland study tours and local exchanges engaged about 150 students to explore new territories. It is our plan that all students will have a chance to go on study tours or exchanges during the six years in LMC. On the artistic side, music contest, dance competition and the annual cultural performance themed ‘Truth, Goodness and Beauty’ were also held. Our talented artists and debating teams also joined a number of competitions and they received very encouraging results. Our student leaders in the extra-curricular activities had the traits of leadership qualities. In order to prepare students for the future, the Career Education Committee committed to enrich career-related experiences for students. This year, we newly joined the Life Buddies Mentorship Program and Engineer In School Program by the CLP. The good practice and strategies of life planning and career education were recognized by EDB. Mrs. Cheng then requested all the graduates to remember their teachers and parents who play an imperative role in their lives. They should also believe that each of them was special and unique in the eyes of God and they could excel in their own way. Be inquisitive, enterprising and competent in engaging themselves to do what is beyond their comfort zone so long as they were doing what was right. Afterwards, Professor Way Kuo, the Guest of Honour, gave us an inspiring speech which was a great enlightenment to the youth. He congratulated all the graduates and prize-winners and then said that the school and he had something in common as the school was founded in 1972 and he graduated from a university in Taiwan in 1972. What they were not in common was his school in that era was not well equipped with facilities such as air-conditioners. He then shared his experience with all the people there. He said that our school motto was Leadership, Motivation and Caring. It was important as it summarized an educational institute’s values and priorities. He continued to say that his teachers told him to study hard in order to be successful. However, during that period of time, there were many successful persons without a university degree. He found that politicians and businessmen did not require a degree to be successful. For example, Terry Guo in Taiwan (a Taiwanese tycoon who is the founder and chairman of Foxconn, a company that does contract manufacturing of electronics for other companies such as Apple Inc.), Ma Yun, Jack in China (Alibaba founder), Yeung Kin Man in Hong Kong (the founder and chief executive of Biel Crystal (HK) Manufacturing Ltd.) and Bill Gates in USA (the co-founder of Microsoft). None of them possesses a degree but they are all successful. Moreover, in the 21st century, there were four Nobel prize winners in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine without a PhD degree, including Tu Youyou from Shanghai. He then gave us the answer by referring to our school motto again (LMC). We need to connect our knowledge with what is useful in our society. Leadership is a skill encompassing the ability of an individual to lead other individuals. Motivation gives the reason for people’s actions. We need to take advantage of our knowledge to motivate people to take leadership and to care about the community. We should digest the knowledge we have and apply them. We should also learn how to broaden our views. Keep ourselves to be motivated and be ready for the challenges ahead. Speech Day reached its climax with the presentation of certificates, scholarships and prizes in academic and extra-curricular activities to both graduates and distinguished students. The vote of thanks was then delivered by our F.6 graduate, Wu Tsun Kit. The day was further embellished by the impressive handchime performance by our students. The singing of the school hymn marked the end of the ceremony. It was an evening filled with reflections and joy for the graduates as they reunited with their teachers, classmates and friends.