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With the help of the school social worker, the Guidance Committee holds various activities to offer guidance and support to students on various aspects. The activities include:
1.      Guidance Prefect Training Program
Through the training program, we hope that Guidance Prefects can develop a positive attitude towards life, a greater sense of responsibility, learn how to care for their juniors and help the Committee develop a caring culture on the campus.
2.      Form One Adaptation Program
To help F.1 students adapt to school life, we arrange a variety of activities, such as F.1 Orientation Day Camp , Inter-class quizzes and athletics competition, F.1 Lunch hour Orientation Group, SmarTeens Scheme (activities included war game, Disney Exploration, visit to the Jockey Club Life Journey Centre, volunteer services, etc. ) .
3.      Form Five Training Camp
   To help F.5 students set their personal goals, improve their motivation and self-confidence and face the challenges of the HKDSE with a positive attitude, a Training Day Camp is held at the beginning of each school year.
4.      Leadership Training
To develop students’ leadership skills and to create more opportunities for students to acquire new knowledge as well as to challenge themselves, a variety of activities are arranged, such as leadership training camp, wild camp, Adventure Ship etc.
5.      Sex education workshops and other educational activities
   To help students develop proper values ​​and sex attitudes, a wide range of talks and activities are offered
 throughout the school year, examples included a talk on ‘How to get along with the opposite sex’, a workshop
on ‘Online Love’, a workshop on ‘Sexual Harassment ’ , an interactive drama on ‘Sexual Harassment ’ , a
workshop on ‘How to get along with lovers’, a talk on ‘Preparation for Marriage’, a talk on ‘ Skin Care ’, and a talk on ‘Mental Health’ etc. Besides, SimCity, lunch time song dedication, result mock release, ICAC interaction drama and some anti-drugs activities are arranged.