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Daily Bread

  • 1 Peter 4:12-13 Jun 1 2018

    12 Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that is taking place among you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. 13 But rejoice in so far as you are sharing Christ’s sufferings, so that you may also be glad and shout for joy when his glory is revealed.  


  • 45th Anniversary Celebration Sea Land Air Kick-off Ceremony Mar 15 2018

    To mark the launching of a series of celebrative events of the school’s 45th anniversary, ‘Sea Land Air Kick-off Ceremony’ was successfully held on 5 January, 2018.    We were honoured to have Ir. Lo Kok Keung as our Guest of Honour.  Ir. Lo is reputed as ‘Hong Kong Detective Galileo’ being Expert Witness Testimony on Traffic Accident, Mechanical and Marine Engineer.  Before his retirement, he worked in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  We were also honoured to have Ms. Leung Kin Yi, who is a Senior Lecturer from Division of Mathematics and Science Education in Faculty of Education in the University of Hong Kong as our Guest Instructor.   The Ceremony was officiated by Ir. Lo Kok Keung.  In his speech, he hoped that STEM education could raise students’ interest in learning and nurture talents in the field of science and technology, contributing to the society.     Followed by Ir. Lo’s speech was the building of pyraminx installation designed by our students.  It was chosen to be a symbol for our 45th anniversary because solving a rubik’s cube is an imitation to the solving of problems in life. With a daring heart and persistence, we can surmount all obstacles and together bring an overall improvement on life and our society.  In the ceremony, Ir. Lo, Guest of Honour, Ms. Leung, Guest Instructor, School Supervisor, School Managers, Principal, representative of Alumni Association, teachers, House Captains, Chairperson of Students’ Council, Head Prefect, Scout Leaders, representative of Guidance Prefect, representatives of graduating classes and F.1 students joined hands to build the installation.       The climax of our kick-off ceremony was ‘Together We Fly- Paper Aircraft Blast’.  In preparation of the event, all students attended ‘STEM Lesson for All (Paper Aircraft)’ conducted by Dr. Tong Shiu Sing Dominic on 21 December, 2018.  Students of the STEM team has put in great effort in specially designing and making new robotic cars to transport the air-crafts folded by Ir. Lo to our stage parties under the instruction of Ms Leung Kin Yi and her team from the Division of Mathematics and Science Education of the Faculty of Education of The University of Hong Kong.       In the paper plane blast, a total of over 1500 paper crafts made by our students and teachers flew into the sky above our school campus at the same time, commemorating our school’s 45th anniversary and dedicating our school and ourselves to embrace the upcoming challenges with courage and hope.        

  • 45th Anniversary Celebration, Keynote Speech and S... Feb 6 2018

    On 5 January, 2018, we were honoured to have Ir. Lo Kok Keung to deliver the Keynote Speech, entitled ‘Scientific Forensics and Engineering’.    Ir. Lo has earned a reputation as "Hong Kong's detective Galileo" for solving tricky traffic and commercial disputes with his knowledge of physics and mechanics, vindicating many people who faced false accusations.    In his inspiring speech, he shared how he applied his knowledge for the good of society and sought justice for the underprivileged and the wrongfully accused.    Also, he presented a very thoughtful gift to our school, which was a STEM boat made by him.         After his speech, he conducted a STEM boat making workshop, during which 30 senior form students used aluminum cans, candles, straws etc. to make a boat.         

  • Inter-school STEM Modern Quiz Contest 2017-18 : Fall Semester Jan 22 2018

    Our students participated in the competition “Inter-school STEM Modern Quiz Contest 2017-18 : Fall Semester “organized by Modern Educational Research Society. The award list is shown below:   Overall Champion (Secondary School) The most active participation award (Secondary Schools in Hong Kong Island) Champion (Form 4 Section) Wong Wai Yan First runner up (Form 2 section)  Or Hin Ting Second runner up (Form 2 section)  Lo On Lam  

  • Dr. Tong Shiu Sing Dominic: ‘STEM lesson for All (Paper Aircraft)’ Jan 8 2018

    In order to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of our school, we ahad honorably to invite Dr. Tong Shiu Sing Dominic to deliver the workshop to the whole school entitled as ‘STEM lesson for All (Paper Aircraft)'. In this workshop, students learned science technology, engineering and mathematics underlying aircrafts and they had a chance to produce two kinds of airplanes by themselves for our 45th Anniversary celebration.       

  • Talent Cup -STEM Challenge 2017 – Mechanical Ping-Pong Hill-Climbing R... Jan 2 2018

    Our students participated in the “Talent Cup -STEM Challenge 2017 – Mechanical Ping-Pong Hill-Climbing Robot Competition” organized by Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association. The following students won the competition.   Third-Class Prize CHENG CHEUNG NGAI CHAN CHUN MING CHOI KING CHUNG KWOK TANG SING LEE CHAK LAM TSE CHI HIN WONG CHI CHEUNG YU KA HIN CHAN CHAK SANG CHAN WING CHUN CHENG LAM HOI LEUNG PAK HO TSUI KA KWING CHEUNG CHEUK LONG KWOK FUNG CHEUNG KA LUNG HO CHUN WAI SO YAN NOK TSANG CHEUK LING YIM CHUN HIM