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School Management

The Incorporated Management Committee

Dr Lee Ching Yee Jane
Mr So Kai Ming
SB Manager
Ms Cheung Hau Yi
SB Manager
Ms So Glorianna Wing Yan
SB Manager
The Revd Kong Ho Kit Ying
SB Manager
Dr Tang Kwok Chun
SB Manager
Mr Lee Wan Tang
SB Manager
Ms Ng Siu Ling Michelle
Alternate SB Manager
Dr Cheung Shuk Yee Alice
Principal (ex-officio Manager) 
Mr Lam Wai Keung
Teacher Manager
Ms Wong Yuk Wah
Alternate Teacher Manager
Ms Lui Ching Mei Emily
Parent Manager
Mr Tsui Yeung Ho Alternate Parent Manager
Ms Ng Chung Yan May Independent Manager
Ms Yip Mo Bing
Alumni Manager