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The school motto of SKH Lui Ming Choi Secondary School is Leadership, Motivation and Caring. The school strives to nurture students to become all round individuals who are ready to lead, motivated to learn, eager to serve, and hold sound moral principles based on Christian values.


We believe that each student is unique and has different potentials. We respect diversity and explore a variety of learning opportunities to motivate students to stretch their potential, and be developed to be confident leaders with good qualities and a caring attitude, with a readiness to respond to the rapidly changing world.


We endeavor to instill correct values through strategic means as we see character building as of great importance. We hope that our students can understand that ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’ and that they would “Look out for other’s interests, not just for their own.”


We see that English is an asset that is dear to our students, and is what we aim hard at helping them acquire through providing an English-speaking learning environment, enabling them to communicate with the global world.

Mrs. Alice Cheng


Principal Interview Series, HK Economic Journal Co. Ltd.