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World Classroom Experiences

Our committee organizes study tours and promotes exchange programs, aiming at broadening students’ horizons, enriching their life experiences by offering them a chance to exchange ideas in a group and experience different cultures out of classrooms. In the past few years, we promoted and organized various types of study tours and exchange programs, such as ‘Mainland Exchange Program for Student Leaders’, ‘Xiamen, Quanzhou Study Tour on One Belt and One Road and Maritime Silk Road’, ‘Hong Kong University Students' Tour of the Grand Canal in Jiangs’, ‘Silk Road Pearl: Central Asia, Uzbek’s Study Tour on Historial and Cultural Experience 2017’, ‘Wudang Challenge 2018’ and ‘Beijing, Hong Kong and Macau Student Exchange Summer Camp 2018’, ‘Beijing and Inner Mongolia Study Tour on Environmental, History and Cultural Exchange 2019’, ‘Shanghai and Hong Kong Youth Study Exchange Program 2019’ and so on.

In order to give students a chance to integrate what they have learned in classrooms into real life situations, we organized ‘Hong Kong, South China Sea and Shanghai Education Exchange Program 2018’, ‘5-Day Taipei Study Tour on Volleyball Training and Cultural Experiences’, ‘5-Day Taiwan Study Tour on Environmental and Sustainable Development’, ‘5-Day Japan (Kansai Region) Study Tour on Historical and Cultural Experience’, ‘Australia Study Tour on English Learning and Cultural Experience’, ‘4-Day Japan (Okinawa) Study Tour on Ecological and Cultural Experience’, ‘5-Day Korea Study Tour on Service in Rural Area and Homestay Experience’, ‘4-Day Taipei Study Tour on Basketball Training, Social and Cultural Experience’, ‘17-Day UK Study Tour on English Learning and Cultural Experiences’,‘5-Day Korea (Jeju) Study Tour on Cultural, Geographical and Ecological Exploration’, ‘3-Day Guangzhou Study Tour on Chinese Cultural Experience’ and the ‘12-Day UK and France Study Tour on History, Art and Cultural Experience’. Through these tours, students learned various culture of different places in the world, attended classes overseas, interacted with foreign students and broadened their horizons.

Over the years, we have different hosting activities for students from over the world. Not only can our students build up friendship with those exchange students, they also gain their insights into different cultures. Like what we did in the past, we cooperate with AFS Intercultural Exchange in promoting overseas exchange programs and encourage our students to join and experience one-year overseas life. Three students took part in a one-year overseas exchange program to Belgium, Russia and Italy.
Additionally, Hong Kong local exchange activities have been newly explored recently, such as ‘The Refugee Walk’, ‘Refugee Run Simulation’, ‘ Local Art Tours’, ‘Local Cultural Study to Wan Chai’, ‘Local Cultural Study to Sham Shui Po’, Local Cultural Study to Tai Kwun’ and ‘Local Cultural Study to Mei Ho House’. From these activities, our students gained their insights into another face of the local community and understood deeper about the local culture.

Art visits in the British Museum in London, the Louvre Museum and the d’Orsay Museum in Paris
Art learning, jamming and exchange with local artists in Paris
Visit to the University of Oxford
Homestay experience in the UK
English learning in UK: Southbourne School of English
Dance exchange in Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School
Arts exchange in Jinyuan Senior High School
Students sharing in Jinyuan Senior High School
Debate in Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School
Kung Fu learning in Wudang
School visit to Poongsung Middle School in Seoul, Korea
School visit to
Yi-Lan Junior High School, Taiwan
School visit to Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University in Okinawa, Japan
School visit to Geoje Technical High School in Busan, Korea
Basketball friendly match with Taiwan local students from Neng Ren Home Economic and Commercial Vocational High School
Farming experience in Korea
Homestay experience in Korea