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Student Council

Student Council acts as a bridge between the student body and the school authority. It aims to preserve the spirits of LMC - Leadership, Motivation and Caring.
For the convenience of students, the Student Council provides different services, including umbrella lending service and socks selling service on rainy days, selling of hand-warmers in winter time as well as stationery ordering service in every term.
Different competitions and activities are held by the Student Council. For example, it has held inter-class dodgeball competition, 3-on-3 basketball competition, singing contest, red couplets writing activity, branding wood workshop and dessert making class. These competitions and activities open channels for different talents and cultivate students’ sense of belonging to the school.
The Student Council also cooperates with student organizations from other schools in arranging joint school activities, which our students can develop connections with students from other schools. For example, a joint school Christmas ball named 'Rencontres' was organized with Delta, the Students’ Association of S.K.H. Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School in this academic year.
2021-2022 Students Council – Clarity
2020-2021 Students Council – H2O
2019-2020 Student Council –Graffiti
2018-2019 Student Council – Avalon
2017-2018 Student Council –  Aorta
2016-2017 Student Council – Palette
2015-2016 Student Council – Esperance
2014-2015 Student Council – Utopia
Inter-class Three Legged Relay (1)
Inter-class Three Legged Relay (2)
Senior Form Inter-class Dodgeball Competition
Joint school Christmas Ball (1)
Joint school Christmas Ball (2)
Singing Contest (1)
Singing Contest (2)