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The 159th Hong Kong Group, Scout Association of Hong Kong


The 159th Hong Kong Group is consisted of three sections. Each section uses different approaches to provide young people with challenging and progressive training programmes for their development.


Group Photo



Scout Troop

Our Scout Troop section provides character and skill training using a patrol system.  During regular meetings, patrol members complete assigned tasks under the guidance of their patrol leaders.  This helps nurture their leadership and spirit of cooperation. The troop organizes a variety of events such as hiking, pioneering training, camps and beach days.  The troop also serves our school in large events. It also participates in a variety of regional competitions.


Hiking Training

Pioneering Training

Foot-drill Training


Venture Unit


The meetings and activities for the Venture Unit section are diverse.  The Unit is operated by the self-organised Executive Committee. The Unit organises events throughout the year, such as: recruit welcoming day, unit meetings, as well as other joint-sectional or joint-group activities like camps and pioneering days.


The Venture Unit

Enjoy the Camp

Leisure Hike


Rover Crew

Rover Scout Section aims to gather a group of caring and dedicated 18-26 year-old alumni. They operate in a democratic and autonomous self-service way. Together with other like-minded alumni, they train together, plan and implement activities, management team service, develop policies and serve to the community.
Under the leadership of the management committee, the crew provides a variety of service both to the school and to the community.
In the Scoutcraft level, the group holds a number of training, including hiking days, cycling journey and pioneering days.


The Rover Crew

Backwoods cooking