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Community Youth Club & Social Service Club

Community Youth Club
Community Youth Club has been placing concern on developing students through active participation in thoughtfully organized service that meets the needs of communities. It provides them with opportunities to get in touch with the community and to realize their role they play and core values in society so that they can become active and responsible citizens of tomorrow.
The Club has offered a lot of projects such as Mooncake Making & Delivery, a charitable visit to a kindergarten and visits to the selected single elderly to let students bring warmth to the people from different sectors.
Through planning the projects, the members of the club could develop their leadership skills and experience the rewards of serving others. It could prepare them for a lifetime of community involvement and contribution to society.
The club has received several awards for its contribution to society. The club received a Bronze Award for Voluntary Service presented by the Social Welfare Department and the members were awarded different badges under the CYC Merit Award Scheme. These awards convey a message to the club that devoting time to the benefits of others is a worthy cause.
Social Service Club
The Social Service Club aims to develop students’ potential and serve the needy in the society. A wide variety of volunteer works have been organized for students to serve the needy such as the Christmas carnival for Ebenezer New Hope School, regular visits to Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex and services for Queen Mary Hospital. The club also offers volunteer training for students to motivate them to serve the needy. Students have learnt to care for the needy and to give without thinking of getting rewards.
Students having training
Christmas carnival for Ebenezer Good Hope School