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School Crest

The school crest is basically adapted from the Crest of the S.K.H. Diocese of Hong Kong and Macau, with the school name added onto it.
The School Badge
It consists of 6 things:
1.       The Bible – The doctrine, discipline and worship of the Anglican Church based on the Bible must be in accordance
 with its teaching.
2.       The Crown – It is the symbol of the kingship of Christ.
3.       The Shell – The Shell is used as a symbol of baptism.
4.       The Key – It is the symbol of authority which the Church received from Christ.
5.       The Crozier – As a symbol of the pastoral responsibility which the Church bears for the world, it is also known as the pastoral staff.
6.       The Mitre – The mitre is the traditional headgear of bishops.  As a symbol, its meaning is twofold.  On one hand, it shows that the Anglican Church is an episcopal church, on the other hand, it underlines the fact that the Anglican Church has inherited the faith of the Apostles.