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Refugee Run Simulation

On 4th November, 2017, 10 students from Form 4 and Form 5 participated in an activity called ‘Refugee Run Simulation’ in Tuen Mun. This activity was held by Crossroads Foundation, which provides support for refugees and ethics minorities. Before the activity, each student was given a unique name tag of a refugee. It showed his/ her name, nationality, occupation, and injuries and missing family members if any. They stepped into the situation of the particular refugee given to them. During the activity, students experienced running away from their home country in search of shelter in another country. Living in poor conditions with limited provision of food, space, education and low respect to human rights, they learned to maintain their living through giving up their valuables, including watches, shoes and glasses, for food and medicine. In addition, they were guarded and shouted at by soldiers whenever they misbehaved or disobeyed them. After the activity, the Director of the organization, David Begbie, gave us a debriefing, leading us to think more deeply into the situation and causes of the refugee issue around the world. He also invited a refugee who has now been relocated to Canada to share his life experience living outside his country. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, opening students’ eyes and enriching their life-wide learning at the stage of secondary school. The fact that the activity is normally open to university students makes it more precious and priceless to them.