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5M – Wan Long Ming’s work experience review

I am Norman and I joined the two-day work experience in Yuen & Partners on 12th & 13th April. It was a great learning experience and an eye-opener for me.
On the first day, working as a receptionist, I learned some daily administrative work of a law firm. It is really something that I can hardly learn from reading law books or attending related lectures. I handled thousands of legal documents passing in and out of the firm. Besides, I answered phone calls from other companies and did different paperwork. All of these were tedious, monotonous and boring. But they were important to the operation of the whole firm.
On the second day, the staff brought me and my partner, Megan, to another firm in Central to witness the swearing of their client. This let us know more about the procedures of a hearing. Besides, we proactively asked for some legal documents such as skeletons and other written submissions to read. To take one more step further, we discussed those cases with the solicitors in the firm. They were all very nice and willing to teach.
Before the end of the two-day work experience, the receptionist, Vivian, praised us for our politeness and positive working attitudes. Her encouraging remarks reminded me of our school’s teaching that whatever job we want to do in our future, it is crucial to remain humble to listen to others’ opinions and willing to learn new things and take new challenges in our life.
This review would not have been complete without thanking the teachers responsible for students’ career development for arranging this fruitful and enjoyable two-day work experience for me. I would like to thank Ms Chung KW, who is also my class teacher, in particular. She always sends me law-related career information in her own time. My most sincere tribute also goes to the staff in Yuen & Partners for their patience and care over those two days. I look forward to joining more similar work experiences in the future.