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Measures on the Prevention of COVID-19 in the School

In light of the latest situation of COVID-19 infection and the Winter Influenza, we are going to conduct the following preventive measures to reduce the risk of the infection during the suspension of the school.
  1. The body temperature of all staff, students and visitors will be checked upon their arrival to the school. When having fever, they will be prohibited from entering the campus.
  2. Staff, students and visitors have to wear a surgical mask when they are in the campus.
  3. Alcohol-based handrub will be provided at the entrance of the campus.
  4. The school will clean the premises thoroughly with 1:49 bleach once a week.
If the EDB has further announcement on the measures on the Prevention of COVID-19 in Schools, we will follow strictly.
You can get more details about the measures on the prevention of COVID-19 in schools from the following EDB’s notices.
13 Feb 2020