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Hong Kong Education Bureau Territory-wide Inter-school Basic Law Competition Championship

Our school won the Championship in the 6th Territory-wide Inter-school Basic Law Competition ogranized by Hong Kong Education Bureau. 
Our school won the championship in the secondary school group in The 6th Territory-wide Inter-school Basic Law Competition organized by Hong Kong Education Bureau on 6th Oct 2020. 
The 6th Territory-wide Inter-school Basic Law Competition aims at enhancing students' understanding of the Basic Law, the history and development of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the development of the country in various aspects.
As our students actively participated in this competition, our school won the Most Active Participation School Award and successfully entered the top five in the final.
There are about 400 secondary schools in Hong Kong. The students who can get the top five in the final are all from elite schools. The students who represented the school are the elites among the elites. Our opponents were very strong.
We set goals and actively prepared for the competition based on the Major Concerns of our school "GOAL SETTING", "PERSONAL BEST" and "To motivate students to self-learn and improve academic performance".
On the day of the final competition, Ms. Michelle Li Mei Sheung, Permanent Secretary of the Education Bureau, delivered a welcome speech, sharing about the Basic Law and Hong Kong education, and encouraging the students.
The competition was intense. After the fierce competition in the first and second rounds, our school finally won the Hong Kong championship with a high score.  Ms. Hong Chan Tsui Wah, Deputy Secretary of the Hong Kong Education Bureau, presented the trophy to our students.
The students in the audience cheered for their schoolmates on the stage with a beautiful cheering board. The students were united as one in the competition. 
This is the 30th anniversary of the promulgation of the Basic Law. Our students’ participation and victory were particularly meaningful!