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Chinese Club

The Chinese Club aims at enhancing students’ interest in the Chinese language and culture.
The club has organized various activities for students such as a writing competition co-organized by the Chinese Department and the club, which gave students the chance to express themselves through this competition. The club has held a new event called “What the old saying means”; Student could appreciate the poems written by the ancient scholars through games.
The club has also participated in several school functions such as Promotion Day and Information Day. Through which students can get to know the club more.
Students enjoyed the activities held by the club. It shows that students are more interested in Chinese culture. In the future, the club will keep on enhancing students’ interest in Chinese culture.
The Chinese Club held a Chinese Culture and Calligraphy Academic Conference in November. Members gathered together to admire the artwork and calligraphy.
During open day, The Chinese Club held a calligraphy workshop. 
The Chinese Club organised an inter-house lantern riddle competition with the Student Council. The event had a joyful atmosphere. 
During the open day, many alumni stopped by the booth of the Chinese Club and solved lantern riddles. 
During open day, one of our alumni drew a picture to celebrate the Lunar New Year in our Club booth.
During information day, the Chinese Club committee members guided the guests through a Language game. 
During information day, The Chinese Club boards were pinned with various Chinese artworks and calligraphies created by our guests.