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Mathematics Club

Mathematics Club
The Mathematics Club tried some new activities such as the Rummikub fun time this year. We also tried on games like Sudoku, combine 24, Quarto, Quixo and Quoridor.
Rubik’s cube is becoming a trend in our school. Both boys and girls played it during recess. We organized training sessions and competitions, which attracted lots of non-members to be the audience of the games. We will try to source different kinds of Rubik’s cube and will try to teach every student how to play. Our aim is that at least half of the students would know how to solve the Rubik’s Cube.
We would like to encourage a “Can Do” culture by teaching them to solve Rubik’s Cube. Our committee members believe that everyone can learn maths to the highest degree. If students can solve the cube, math challenges would not be impossible for them. Doing maths questions is like training our "brain". A growth mindset is important for members to continue working on math problems.
The activity co-organized with the astronomy club was a great success. We changed the astronomy and math related concepts to puzzles. Students needed to cooperate in teams of four to get hints to escape the Physics laboratory. It was encouraging to see that some junior form students performed better than the senior form students.
We tried to post interesting maths questions on our board and outside the room where most math teachers worked. In the future, we are going to post the “Question of the month” on the classroom boards, giving students the opportunity to think about math during the lunch hour. Our club needs to have more proactive promotion and preparation of events. We will try to reach every member individually so as to increase the number of participants in each event.
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Rubrics’ Cube Expert
Rummikub fun time during ECA day
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The ex-chairperson was teaching members to play Quixo
Rummikub competition final