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Art Club

Visual Arts Activities
“Noah’s Ark Mural Painting” Cross Curriculum Programme organized by Visual Arts Department,
Aesthetic Experiences Committee and Religion Education Department
 Mr Tao Hoi Chuen, an artist, painted with our students.
Expressive Arts Experimental Day organized by Aesthetic Experience Committee,
Guidance and Learning Support Committee and Library and Reading Activities Committee
Expressive Arts Experimental Day- Zentangle Exploration
Gifted Education Programme (Visual Arts) – Moulding Workshop
Gifted Education Programme (Visual Arts) – Painting Workshop
Ms Prudence Mak, an artist, shared her artworks with our students.
Students visiting CUHK Fine Arts Department Exhibition
Students visiting “ Exhibition of Student Visual Arts Work 2019-2020”
Tse Ka Yan won the champion in the “ Storage Bag Design Competition”
 organized by Community Youth Club.
Art Club Activity Day- DIY Workshop
Art Club Orientation Day – Keychain Design Workshop
Students participated in art exchange activities of SBA Art Exhibition.
School Banner Design